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Artzip + Breathing Color have partnered to offer printers a simple way to earn extra income through our referral program.

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What's Artzip?

Artzip is an app that makes it easy for artists to create high-res, print quality images of their artwork.

Artists take photos of their artwork
The capture process is simple and can be done with any modern phone camera.
Artzip stitches their photos together
Upload photos to Artzip.com

After uploading their photos, Artzip utilizes custom image technology to stitch together photos. Creating a high PPI image printers will love.

Successful Artzip stitches meet or exceed all PPI printer requirements.

Creating hi-res, print quality images.
Once the hi-res image is ready Artzip connects the artist to printers.

Artists can send their image directly to the printer.

Artzip is free to use and has a small $25 fee that is charged only when an artist is ready to download their image for reproduction or digital use.

“Artzip puts the power of an incredibly large scanner into my phone and saves me hours of coordination, preparation and driving. “

katherine sandoz

artist + collaborative designer

What Printers are saying about the Artzip referral program

"Joining the Artzip referral program was a no brainer for us. Free to join and minimal effort on our end plus our clients love using the app. We now have a new revenue stream coming in on a monthly basis.”

How Referrals Work

Joining the Artzip referral program is free and easy.


You tell an artist
about Artzip

We'll send you a custom Artzip referral link. Post the link wherever you promote your business.


They purchase a
high-res image.

Your link contains a unique tracking code so we can ensure your business the bonus.


You get a bonus!

Your business will get a percentage of each image purchased! There's no cap on how much you can earn.

Welcome Breathing Color Customers

Learn about the Artzip referral program how you can start earning extra income for your printing business.


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