Frequently Asked Questions

How do I lock the focus and aperture on the iPhone?
Do I move the camera when shooting my segment photos?
Is camera location important?
How should I light my artwork?
Why does shooting the edges of my artwork matter?
Can I shoot my images in the app?
What is PPI?
Can I make prints that are larger than my painting?
I received an Error Message when trying to download my high resolution Zip on my phone.
My Zip didn’t come out correctly
What is the correct resolution for making prints at 100% of the size of my artwork?
My Zip is grainy or out of focus
My Zip is low res
How many segment photos should I shoot?
What size artworks can I shoot with Artzip?
What type of file will I receive?
What camera should I use?
Is Artzip easy?
How much does it cost?
What’s the big deal?
What’s a Zip?