Artzip FAQ's

Can I make a zip of a large mural and get a good print?

Yes, but the print will most likely need to be smaller than the mural itself.

When shooting a massive artwork the size of a mural, sometimes the PPI can seem low, but that is OK.  Go to the Print Size Calculator and enter the dimensions that you would like the print to be. Then see the PPI that is calculated for a print that size.  If the resolution is higher than 150 PPI, your print will look great.

For example, say the mural is 15’ x30’ and the PPI of the zip is 52.  You want to make a print measuring 48”h x 96”. You can enter 48” x 96” in the Print Size Calculator, which will calculate the resolution at the new dimensions. OR you can enter the desired PPI and see the calculated dimensions at which you can make a print.